Major Political Figures as Political Figurines

In the midst of a global pandemic and a serious election coming up soon, we should try to lighten the mood. Add a little humor to the “very serious” business of governing with these Political Figurines of Political Figures!

Bobblehead Florida is here to help you add some flavor to your political party and candidate of choice with custom political figure bobbleheads and figurines!

Pick a Presidential Candidate!

Even without a college dorm room to plaster with eagles and American flags, you can still represent your party in fun ways! One way to support your presidential candidate of choice is through social media platforms.

Tik Tok is an ever-growing social media platform that’s not only used for fun dances and DIY ideas, but also for a platform to speak about growing political issues. There’s a variety of videos, ranging from humorous tones to quite serious moods. At Bobblehead Florida, we want to help you express your political perspectives, whatever they may be.

Order a President Donald J. Trump bobblehead and/or a Joe Biden bobblehead to be characters in your next Tik Tok video. Use their presidential debate as a voiceover for the video, or create your own dialogue between the two opposing candidates to make your case.

If you’re just looking for subtle party decorations, then order the candidate of your choice and leave them on your office desk space or next to your bedside table. Bring them with you on your outdoor walks, grocery shopping, or on short drives, and document your journey together with photos and videos.

Present Your Party With Pride

At Bobblehead Florida, we also offer the option to create a custom political figurine with your face on it! You, too, can be a figurine, wearing your party colors and showing off your party logo with pride.

That’s right. You can customize a Democrat or Republican figurine with your head on it! All you need to do is upload three to five headshots of yourself at different angles, and we’ll recreate your head onto a figurine!

Set your figurine in your guest bathroom or on top of your desk at home and sneak them into as many social media snapshots as you can. Show off your party with pride! Tag @bobbleheadflorida into any post or story and you could even be featured in our next post!

Send a Gag Gift

Politics doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. There’s a lot of turbulence and uncertainty in this world already, so we should bring light and positivity into a situation whenever possible!

Hopefully you’re discussing the pros and cons of our top presidential candidates and their platforms with your friends and family members! For the friend who’s obsessed with presidential candidate Joe Biden, consider sending them a Joe Biden figurine, available in 6-inch, 7-inch, and 8-inch sizes! He’s a great collectible for any Democrat or even Obama fans. Or consider sending them a President Donald J. Trump figurine as a gag gift to see their expressions when they open your gift for them!

Bobblehead Florida is here to help spread joy and humor to bring friends and loved ones close together. We offer fun and unique, customizable gift ideas! Be sure to check out the rest of our bobblehead and figurine products and bring your custom bobblehead with you to Election Day on November 3!