Thoughtful Father’s Day Ideas For a Rockstar Dad

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate him by celebrating his awesomeness the entire day! For his quirky sense of humor, he deserves a unique gift that’s personalized for him.

Bobblehead Florida is here to help you celebrate Father’s Day with these fun, creative ideas that your dad is sure to love and find amusing!

Remind Him He’s Your Superhero

Your goofy, fun-loving dad may crack a joke at every opportunity he gets, but he’s not just the “funny guy” in your life. As silly as he is, when it comes to heartbreak or distress, your dad is the first one to swoop in and try to make you feel better.

Thank him for being the superhero in your life by gifting him with a Superhero with Cape Man - Selfie Figurine or a Superhero Man - Selfie Figurine! Each figurine is customizable. Add your own logo or add the first letter of your dad’s first name to the symbol. When your dad places this on his office desk, everytime he gets to work, he’ll be reminded of who he’s doing it for.

For the Sports-Lover

This year, many of his favorite sports games are cancelled. Not to mention, it’s been a hard summer not being able to go out onto the field and just play a round of golf with the boys. Although parks and fields may be closed to the public, you can still spend Father’s Day out in the sun with him!

Go on a bike ride and head towards his favorite trail! Pack a picnic for the whole family and make sure his favorite treats make its way in the lunch box too. Once you get to a good spot, surprise him with a 3D figurine of himself in his favorite sports gear! For the golf-loving dad, gift him with a Golf Player Man - Selfie Figurine, or for the dad who loves to run, go for the Running Man - Selfie Figurine. At Bobblehead Florida, we have a personalized figurine for almost every sport you can name. Browse our collections today!

Host a Cheesy Award Ceremony

Get the family together to cook his favorite meal together, and afterwards, invite the whole gang back together for an awards ceremony, that’s all about dad! If your dad loves cheesy activities as much as the next guy, then he’s sure to love this even tailored towards his quirkiness!

Come up with unique categories for your dad to be nominated for, such as “Most Likely to Get You Food When You’re Crying,” “Best Character Impersonator,” or “Most Likely to Tell You to Go Ask Mom.” This is the time for you all to share stories of why your father should be nominated for those categories. The night should be filled with popcorn, laughter, and of course trophies!

Forget the Oscar award — customize a bobblehead that looks exactly like your dad! Use our custom bobblehead builder to create a figurine in his likeness. When you reveal your dad as the winner for all the categories and whip out the bobblehead trophy, make sure you have your phones ready to snap his expression when he sees a miniature version of himself!

Our Bobblehead Builder Gives You the Freedom to Personalize

Using our 3D-Visualizer, it’s now easier than ever to visualize what you would look like as a bobblehead. At Bobblehead Florida, we offer a huge range of options to customize your body. If your dad loves fishing and golfing, then create a golf-loving fisherman bobblehead with your dad’s head on it!

Your dad deserves a rockstar treatment this Father’s Day, and with Bobblehead Florida, you can honor him with a gift as special and as goofy as he is. Browse our collections today!