Turn Your Simple Photo Into A Customized 3D Figurine!

You can now get your own custom 3D printed figurine made from any simple picture! Bobble Head Florida makes it super easy to take your photos, a turn them into life long keepsakes. You just send a high resolution image over to over to us, and we take care of the rest! Our custom 3D printed figurines come in various sizes, so you can choose one that is right for you! 


Our 3D printed figurines don't have to be one person either. You can send in you family or group photos, and receive it an amazing 3D printed version! Having a unique 3D Printed photo keepsake is the best way to hang onto the memories you want to last a lifetime!

Fully custom figurines are awesome, but if you wasn’t to surprise someone special with a unique gift, or just use a simple head shot, you can choose from our huge selection of predesigned figures. Once you choose a style from our huge selection of 3D printed figurines we can add any face onto the body. This way you can perfectly capture the golfer, basketball player, secret agent, etc in your life, and give them a customized 3D keepsake they are sure to love.


So what are you waiting for, order yours today