What Inspired the First Custom Bobbleheads?

As the name "bobblehead" implies, it is a figurine featuring a head that freely bobbles back and forth. The head is generally over-sized compared to the rest of the body, and is connected by a solid piece to the rest of the figurine. Most people link the origin of bobbleheads to Chinese or Japanese figurines from the 1700s, but the exact origin of the modern idea of a bobblehead is ambiguous. So, we got to thinking, what else might have inspired the first bobbleheads? We believe bobbleheads very much resemble early diving suits, with their round, over-sized heads compared to the rest of the body.

Maybe the first bobbleheads were inspired as a memorable diving suit souvenir! Wouldn’t that be a fun story to believe in? Is it so important if the origin came from China, or Russia, or from German animal figurines, as sometimes cited? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter the origin, because we now have the options of customizing bobbleheads in any form or likeness.

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