Own a Bobblehead Photobooth

Bobblehead Florida gives you the option of purchasing your own 3D bobblehead photo booth that can be used in your own business! This booth is a complete product that scans human faces and is able to create a custom 3D avatar in a matter of seconds. Once this avatar is created, the customer is able to select from a catalog of 3D models and personalize their own, with many different options for hairstyles, clothes, colors, and more. The photo booth comes with a full catalog of more than 250 models in different sizes for the customer to choose from.

Maintenance and Support

The photo booth comes with a two-year warranty, with support assured from the distributor.


Starts at $5,900.00 


The operator of the photo booth has the option to choose their own prices, generally in the range of $20 to $60.

Micro Figurine      +/- $20 - $30      +/- $10

Mini Figurine        +/- $30 - $45      +/- $15

Big Figurine         +/- $50 - $60      +/- $25

At these price levels, there will be a gross margin of 100%.

Business Strategy/Target Market

This impressive bobblehead photobooth has been developed to meet the need of creating and selling customized 3D products to the consumer market, with the need for investing in expensive systems and highly-skilled personnel. It is designed to be installed in areas with a high level of customer traffic. To use the booth, all that is required is a table, an AC/DC outlet, and an internet connection (if there is no connection, the file transfer will be postponed until the next internet connection is available). 

Markets that are ideal for a bobblehead photobooth:

  • Any kind of independent store
  • Retail chain stores
  • Pop-up shops or permanent booths in shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.
  • Amusement parks, museums, zoos, etc.

Interested in learning more information or purchasing your own bobblehead photo booth? Get in contact with us at Bobblehead Florida today!