Own a Bobblehead Photobooth


Because consumer market products need to be as easy as possible to use, we present user-friendly applications. Our BobbleHead Photobooths offer 4 turnkey solutions that allow anyone to use the 3D photo-booths without any skills or training. Our photo-booths includes a special framework that supports both, sales and starts the manufacturing process of the 3D figurines that have been ordered directly at the Point of Sales. Our 3D Photo-booths use a cloud-based infrastructure and is available in the following Solutions






Each Photobooth embeds a computer, equipped with programs used for operating the booths:

3D reconstruction software (all systems):

-  Scans the face of a person and creates in less than 10 Seconds the 3D model of the real face of this person;

- Creates a lifelike and realistic 3D avatar of the face with the exact geometry of the face scanned;

Assemble the 3D face with a "default" body and accessory for display in the catalog` onto a touchscreen.

3D digital catalog of figurines and user application (all systems):

Displays a "default" figurine featuring the face of the person just scanned in a user-friendly interface;
Proposes 250+ characters to the customer for making a personalized figurine that will be printed in 3D;
The catalog can be enriched with special figurines that can be designed either by the customer or by Digiteyezer.

Pricing and order management tool (all systems):
A web-based application allows the operator to determine the pricing model and catalog for the figurines;

- Order management interface for tracking manufacturing and delivery processes.
Monthly reports can be issued and exported for tracking the sales activity and revenues generation.

Payment of figurines:
Figurines made by desktop solutions are paid either to the shop or to pre-paid to events organizers
A procedure for paying the ordered figurine directly on the kiosk by using a credit/debit card terminal

- Printing automatically a 2D picture of the ordered figurines for instant souvenir and proof of payment

For more information go to the specific Potobooth description or send us an  email