Customized Bobblehead-Avatar and Personalized PetitMe-Head

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Our Customized Bobbleheads and Personalized PetitMe Heads are unique products in the US Bobblehead Market. Simply created and quickly delivered. Hundreds of choices. You will not find anything similar, nor in price, nor in variation. We offer a fully automated process. You take a photo with your phone or collect one from your photo collection. That makes it possible to order one of, or for your friends and family party event. It's an affordable gift with a great surprise effect. Try it out. Get a big funny memory for such a little money. We offer two sizes: "Mini" is about 3 inches high and "Big" about 4 inches high. All come with a shaking head.

Do you just want to order a Head to put it on a Lego body? Our PetitMe-BobbleHead will fit any of your LEGO Figurines. It will make playing with your kids much more exciting. It's an amazing little surprise for your kids to play with their  LEGO Figurine beheaded with themselves, or with Dad, Mom, Grandparents or friends.


MINI BOBBLEHEAD US$ 40,00                           

BIG   BOBBLEHEAD US$ 60.00                        PetitMe-HEAD US$ 19.90

Customize here your PetitMe Bobblehead-Avatar or PetitMe Head