Easy-Go Solution


Easy-Go is a foldable and removable 3D photobooth that can be used for events or in mobiles usages. Easy-Go can be personalized with several colors of plastic shells. Easy-Go  The catalog of figurines can be set up especially, thus delivering a better user experience to the guests of corporate or social events. A 2D print with the 3D avatar can be print on the spot and offered as a souvenir of the event to the attendees.


Catalog of Characters:

Standard catalog included -The catalog of available 3D characters includes more than 250 models available in different sizes. Custom characters foe special events on demand, charged to operators,


2 years Warranty - Support assured by Distributor (charged or not)


Starts @ 8.900,00 US$


Figurine End user price generally from 20,00 to 60,00 US$ - Determined by operators

MICRO Figurine          +/- 20 - 30.00 US$               +/- US$ 10.00

MINI Figurine              +/- 30 - 45.00 US$               +/- US$  15.00

BIG Figurine                +/- 50 - 60.00 US$               +/- US$  25.00  

At these pricelevel there will be a gross margin of 100%

Easy-Go Business Strategy/Target Market:

Easy-Go has been developed to meet the need of offering new 3D animation and 3D products to sell during corporate or social events, without investing in expensive systems and highly skilled personnel. Easy-Go is designed for customers who want to benefit from a foldable and customizable system that can be carried easily to their customer locations and installed as fast as possible on site. For using Easy-Go, a table, an AC/DC outlet and an internet connection are required (if not available at the moment, transfer of files is postponed to the next internet connection). Markets that benefit most from Easy-Go are :

-  Event planners, DMC organizers, Tour operators

-  Companies internal communication services organizing events

Pop-up stores, Seasoned shopping malls stand, Fairs

-  Sports clubs and sports fan shops

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