Own a Photobooth

At Bobblehead Florida, we give you the option of owing 3D bobblehead photobooths that are user-friendly and easy to use. We offer five different turnkey products that anyone can use without skills or training. These booths include software that supports sales and begins the manufacturing process of the custom-made bobbleheads. Photo-booths are available for sale in the following options: 






Within each photobooth is a computer that is equipped with the following programs:

3D Reconstruction Software

  • Scans the face of a person and creates a 3D model within 10 seconds
  • Creates a lifelike and realistic 3D avatar from this model
  • Assembles the 3D face onto a default model for display on the touchscreen

3D Digital Catalog of Figurines and User Applications

  • Displays the default figurines, including the already scanned face, in a user-friendly interface
  • Over 250 characters for the customers to choose from
  • The catalog can be enhanced with special figurines that can be designed either by the customer or by the Digiteyezer software

Pricing and Order Management Tool

  • Web-based application that allows the operator to determine the pricing model and catalog for the figurines
  • Order management interface for tracking manufacturing and delivery processes
  • Monthly reports for tracking sales activity and revenue

Payment Options

  • On desktop photobooths, payments are made either to the shop or pre-paid to event organizers
  • On the kiosk photobooth, there is the option of credit/debit card payment on the booth itself, as well as instant printing of a 2D photo for proof of purchase
For more information, contact us at Bobblehead Florida!