Make Your Own Custom Bobblehead With Bobblehead Florida

If you’re looking for a gift as unique as the recipient, a unique decoration for your workspace, or a keepsake gift to mark a special occasion in life, we have the solution! There’s no better or more fun option than a personalized bobblehead featuring a perfect likeness of your own face or your loved ones’! With Bobblehead Florida, you can use our cutting-edge 3D printing technology to do just that. Read on to try our free 3D visualizer to see what your custom-made bobblehead will look like, learn more about our process, and for more information about why a custom bobblehead makes a perfect gift for any occasion! 

Preview Your Custom-Made Bobblehead with Our 3D Visualizer

Try out our online scanner to see how our unique, personalized bobbleheads are made. It’s great fun to see yourself as a digital avatar, and best of all, it’s free! At Bobblehead Florida, we are proud to offer a huge range of selections to truly personalize your bobblehead. Love fishing, soccer, football, skiing, or another activity? Giving a gift to a graduate, a newly-married couple, or to celebrate an athletic achievement? Bobblehead Florida can provide customizable template for all these events and much, much more.

Using our free 3D visualizer below, simply plug in your preferred photo of yourself or another recipient, and browse our enormous selection of options! While you’re at it, you might just find another perfect gift idea! In addition to a huge range of options for the body of your custom-made bobblehead, you are able to customize the hair and accessories for your bobblehead — make it realistic, or go nuts with the options! A soccer-playing cowboy? A basketball-playing chef? A fisherman wearing a pharaoh's hat? Why not! All these options and much more are available — try out the free visualizer to get a new gift idea, or just to have some fun.


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Options: Male Female  Youth  Baby

For the best results:

  1. Use a photo taken with flash indoors, or a photo taken outdoors on a cloudy day.
  1. Use a photo with even ambient lighting, and no excessive shadows.
  1. Your face should cover a large portion of the photo. 


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How does it work?

When you choose Bobblehead Florida for your personalized bobblehead, you will receive a figurine printed with top-of-the-line 3D printing technology. After following the instructions above by taking a clear, evenly-lit photo, choosing your desired combination of accessories, and placing your order, we will get to work creating your bobblehead!

After the files are received, we can start the process of printing your bobblehead. All our bobbleheads and miniature avatars are printed with gypsum in full, striking color. After the bobbleheads are taken out of the 3D printer, they are carefully cleaned and coated in glue to bring out the full depth of the color. Finally, the bobbleheads are waxed and put in an oven to dehydrate, and are then packaged and shipped to you! We take care throughout every step of the process to ensure you (or the eventual recipient of the bobblehead) are completely satisfied with your purchase. Best of all, we are able to send your fully customized figurine within two weeks! To get the process started and recieve your own customized bobblehead as soon as possible, get started today with our visualizer.

Custom Bobbleheads Make a Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Gift-giving can be a difficult and sometimes stressful process. You likely have many people in your life, all with a wide array of interests, likes, and dislikes, and there are many different gift-giving occasions throughout the year — birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduations, and many more! For each of these important occasions, you want a gift that knocks it out of the park.

That’s where Bobblehead Florida and our line of custom bobbleheads comes in. We want to take the stress out of gift-giving by providing you a one-stop-shop to order customized gifts as unique as the person receiving them! For any special event in life, show you’re thinking of someone by giving a custom-made bobblehead featuring a perfect likeness of their own face — who can resist that? Keep reading for some of our favorite bobblehead gift ideas — and remember, there’s never a bad reason to buy something fun and personal like a customized bobblehead.

Birthdays and Holidays

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For both young and old, a personalized bobblehead makes a unique present for a birthday or special holiday. Regardless of the recipient's hobbies and interests, we can almost assuredly provide an option that reflects them as a person! Perhaps you want a gift for a young person who loves baseball, basketball, or another sport — give them a bobblehead of themselves as an athlete. Seeing their face on a sports bobblehead will make them feel like a star! This is far from the only possibility. Maybe someone special in your life loves fishing, cooking, or another hobby — we provide custom bobblehead options that can reflect these interests perfectly.

Looking for something special for your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Consider a custom bobblehead or even one of our 3D laser printed hearts. Or, maybe you need a gift for someone notoriously hard to gift for, or someone that seems like they have it all. Most people don’t already have a custom bobblehead featuring their own likeness, so this can be a perfect solution to any gift-giving problems!

Special Life Moments

Weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations to mark an achievement or special moment in life are events we remember forever. A customized bobblehead or 3D portrait can be a huge hit as a gift that will forever be tied to this special occasion. Fortunately for you, we feature templates that reflect these events, and many more. Now, there’s no reason to stress about the perfect gift to give someone to mark a special occasion. A customized bobblehead is fun, personal, and a great momento for any important life event.

Personalize Your Workspace or Home

We all want to make our workspaces, homes, and anywhere we spend a significant amount of time to feel like our own spaces. Most of us enjoy decorating our desks at work with objects that reflect our personalities and interests — awards, special photographs, sports pennants, and other decorations that reflect the things we hold nearest to our hearts. What better way to personalize your desk than to proudly feature a bobblehead of your likeness! Your customized bobblehead will be sure to be a great conversation starter. Bobbleheads can also make a great gift option to congratulate a coworker on a work achievement in a unique, personalized way.

Corporate Events

Finding the perfect gift for a large group of people in a corporate setting can be a difficult task — fortunately, Bobblehead Florida has the perfect solution for our customers in the Miami area and beyond!

If you’re looking for corporate holiday gift ideas, or unique promotional items for your company, we can help with our bobbleheads and bobblehead photobooths! We are able to lease bobblehead photo booths in the Miami area, a fun and engaging way to promote your business or provide a great corporate gift that people will actually enjoy. For more information about renting or even buying your own bobblehead photobooth, visit our page describing our different options.

While all of the above reasons make great occasions to buy a personalized bobblehead for yourself or others; ultimately, the possibilities are up to you! Creating your own custom-made bobblehead today is a great way to treat yourself or someone else to something fun.

Other Products — 3D Portraits and 3D Laser Engravings from Bobblehead Florida

Custom 3D Portraits

Because of the versatility of 3D printing, we are also able to offer a wide range of products besides our line of bobbleheads! While our bobbleheads offer the feature of choosing from a huge range of fun, customizable clothing and accessory options, perhaps you want a 3D portrait of your entire body. If you have a special photo you want to immortalize with a 3D portrait, we can do that for you as well. Perhaps it’s a wedding photo, a sports achievement, or just a cherished memory with friends — whatever the photo, we can recreate a stunning 3D version for you! For a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake gift, reach out to us to get started on your own 3D portrait! View our 3D portraits to learn more information and get started today — the possibilities are endless.

3D Laser Engravings

At Bobblehead Florida, we have a passion for offering our customers unique presents to gift to their loved ones. For another option to commemorate a special moment or a cherished photo, we offer 3D laser engraved glass crystals. As with all of our products, the options are limitless! These crystals make a unique, personalized gift perfect for any occasion. Our 3D laser engravings are available in a variety of options to ensure you can customize a gift that both you and the recipient will be truly happy with. We feature the options of printing your photos on a 3D heart for a loved one, 3D cubes of different dimensions, or even keychains. Visit our store to learn more and browse all the options available!

Make Your Own Bobblehead or 3D Figure Today!

Whether you’ve been looking for a unique present to show your loved ones how much you care, or simply want to decorate your desk at work, get started customizing your bobblehead today! Our bobbleheads offer a truly unique gift that won’t soon be forgotten. Or perhaps you’d prefer to customize your own 3D portrait or 3D laser engraving — either way, we are fully equipped to provide you a great customized gift. Get started with our bobblehead visualizer above, browse our site to view our full range of options, or reach out to us online with any questions. We’re happy to help, and we can’t wait to craft your perfectly unique gift!