BB-Scan Solution

BB-Scan Solution

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BB-Scan Solution is a compact 3D photobooth that can be used in whatever shop. It is easy to assemble and to set up and due to the adjustable Tripod, and its light weight ideal to use as a transportable unit. BB-Scan is a complete and turnkey solution that scans human faces in a couple of seconds and creates amazing 3D realistic avatars. Once the avatar is created, the consumer selects a character in the catalog of 3D models and can personalize it with hairstyles, clothes, colors, and order the figurine. BB-Scan is a "operator assisted" system. The catalog of available 3D characters includes more than 250 models available in different sizes.

Catalog of Characters:

Standard catalog included -The catalog of available 3D characters includes more than 250 models available in different sizes. Custom characters foe special events on demand, charged to operators,


2 years Warranty - Support assured by Distributor (charged or not)


Starts @ 4,950.00 US$


Figurine End user price generally from 20,00 to 60,00 US$ - Determined by operators

MICRO Figurine          +/- 20 - 30.00 US$               +/- US$ 10.00

MINI Figurine              +/- 30 - 45.00 US$               +/- US$  15.00

BIG Figurine                +/- 50 - 60.00 US$               +/- US$  25.00 

At these price level there will be a gross margin of 100%

BB-Scan Business Strategy/Target Market:

BB-Scan has been developed to meet the need of creating and selling customized 3D products to the consumer market, without investing in expensive systems and highly skilled personnel. BB-Scan is designed for entrepreneurs who will install it at different places for temporary events with good traffic or  consumers who pre-ordered specially customized figurines. BB-Scan comes with a flexible Tripod adjustable from 1.30 to 1.90 table, an AC/DC outlet.  Internet connection is not necessarily required (if not available, transfer of files is postponed to the next available internet connection). Markets that benefit most from BB-Scan are :

Many kind of Pop-up or permanent stores : gifts, toys, souvenirs, gadgets, 3D printing, etc.

- Temporary set up in Shopping Malls and Galleries, Fairs and Trade Shows

Corporate and Family Parties, Fairs and Festivals, Charity and Sport events


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