Kiosk Solution

Kiosk Solution

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Kiosk is a self-standing and autonomous 3D photobooth that can be used at amusement parks, museums, zoos, stadiums and touristic places. Kiosk is totally automatic from a self-scanning process of the face to the payment of figurines with bankcards. The 3D scanning process uses the same technology then the other booths. The main differences between the photobooths are related to the compelling content that can be proposed to the consumers and the payment process. The Kiosk is self operated and doesn't require any supervisor or employee. This scan-to-print automatic process allows the Point of Sale (PoS) to scan up to 300 persons per day, thus offering to the shops the opportunity to sell many figurines per day to consumers.

Catalog of Characters:

Standard catalog included -The catalog of available 3D characters includes more than 250 models available in different sizes. Custom characters foe special events on demand, charged to operators,


2 years Warranty - Support assured by Distributor (charged or not)


Starts @ 8,900.00 US$


Figurine End user price generally from 20,00 to 60,00 US$ - Determined by operators

MICRO Figurine          +/- 20 - 30.00 US$               +/- US$ 10.00

MINI Figurine              +/- 30 - 45.00 US$               +/- US$  15.00

BIG Figurine                +/- 50 - 60.00 US$               +/- US$  25.00 

At these pricelevel there will be a gross margin of 100%

Kiosk Business Strategy:

Kiosk was developed to meet the need of creating and selling customized products to the consumer market, without investment or resources for the operator and for large sales volumes. Also, Kiosk is designed for customers who can install it at places with very heavy traffic and attendance of consumers who will buy the figurines at the Kiosk. For using Kiosk, only 1sqm of space an AC/DC outlet and an Internet connection are required. Markets that benefit most from the added value of Kiosk are :

Amusement and theme parks with special brands or mascot

"Science centers" and other scientific theme sites

Water Parks, Zoos and Museums

Touristic areas and crowed attraction places

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